Thursday, 7 January 2010


We had the opportunity to hang out with Andy mueller (the man behind The Quiet Life), @ his Lakaii/The Quiet Life Office in Torrence L.A. Andy is such an enthusiastic guy and you can really see where his imagination comes from. In between creating the new Quiet Life collection, Andy had already produced the new Lakaii footwear catalogue, and was finishing off the cd/album sleeve and cover for Weezer's new album. This guy never stops! Then Andy proceeded to tell me how well he had been selling images of his friend Spike Jonze. "'Where the wild things are' has been blowing up, and every man and his dog found out I know Spike. So e mails have been coming from all over Europe requesting photos of him" nice work if you can get it!

Heres the set of prints of Spike, amongst Andy's other work.

Some of Andy's graphics on some Girl skate decks.

A small collection of some of Andy's camera's and artwork, needless to say he likes Holga's!

It was the end of the day on the friday before Christmas, everone else in the Girl/Chocolate offices had long gone, yet Andy was more than happy to hang around to talk about The Quiet Life. One thing I have learnt in the short time I have known Andy is to make sure you have enough time to talk. Unfortunately I had been running late and only spent a couple of hours chatting colours for The Quiet Life, Hollywood friends, music, cameras and hard drives! Andy has so many good ideas and so much to say, I will make sure that I save at least a day for our next meeting. One thing I am sure of from our meeting is that the new Quiet Life Winter 10 collection is going to be amazing!