Monday, 18 November 2013

Brothers Marshall & Four Star

Fourstar_BrothersMarshall-2Brothers Marshall recently released their eagerly anticipated colla 'bro' with Four Star clothing. The guys at Skate Warehouse took some great product shots from the collection. Take a look below. Here is what the Brothers had to say - 
"The broz of Brothers Marshall awlays shopped at thrift stores for tee shirts and Sears for levi’s and Dickies… Now and then their parents would bring them to the local surf shop (Val Surf) to buy a named brand product. They could not stand the main popular surf brands or the asshole poser jocks that wore those brands so they always looked for alternatives… They found Fourstar Clothing! Then they found out it was Guy Mariano and Eric Koston’s company. There was just something about the simplicity of the graphics and garments they instantly were attracted to.”