Wednesday, 1 June 2011


For Fall 2011, we are excited to announce that Devendra Banhart has contributed to COMUNE’s Drop City program by adapting an original piece of art to one of our 40 single tees. Rather then placing a complete piece work on the front of a shirt, COMUNE worked with Banhart on using an exploded view of a smaller section creating a more organic pattern to the print. We are very pleased and happy to be working with Devendra, and look forward in working with him on additional contributions in the near future.
This specialty tee will be available early August at select retailers through out the UK.
About Devendra Banhart.
For almost a decade, Devendra Banhart’s genre-bending psychedelic freak folk has turned the music world on its head. The LA-based singer songwriter is the embodiment of creativity leaving his indelible fingerprint on both sound and vision. Banhart’s talents extend beyond music to include drawing, painting, curating both domestic and international arts shows and more recently tattooing. Each piece is a direct reflection of a weird world teetering on the brink of the mythic, cosmic and vastly abstract. For this contribution, Banhart cites ancient alchemist H. Pee as an inspiration for his experiment with space and shape. The redundant mix of fixed color planes converge to create order out of chaos and derive a “spatial experience” seen primarily in late cubism. The result is the manifestation of freedom, a word synonymous with Banhart’s work both on the stage and off.
About Drop City.
Inspired by the early 1960’s artist commune in Colorado, COMUNE’s Drop City gallery is housed in a structure of recycled steel shipping containers. Drop City was introduced to attract like-minded creative people to the COMUNE artist community and contribute through COMUNE’s clothing brand. Over time Drop City will continue to evolve its’ community, creative platform and influence.

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