Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Solitary arts by Quiet Life buddy Isaac McKay-Randozzi

The Quiet Life Camera Club curator Isaac McKay-Randozzi has recently had a photo essay featured on Fecalface.com about his Solitary Arts project. '- there's a few QL related photos mixed in here from a show we did with solitary arts.'
In September of last year I had the honor to go with Yong-Ki ChangJef Hartsel and Bob Lake down to LA to document their skating and participate in the installation of the Solitary Arts portion of the Product of Design show curated by GlueKit.
These photos were taken over a five day period in which we skated the streets of Venice, rolled on the round wall of the legendary Gonzales pool, sessioned with Jay Adams at Arto Saari's backyard pool, hung art, met extraordinarily talented people, and slept where the munchkins rested their heads. In my short life it was one of the most truly epic adventures I participated in. Thank you Yong-Ki, Jef and Bob. Photos & Words Isaac Randozzi