Friday, 6 July 2012

Deadly Serious X i love ugly

We are proud here at Deadly Serious to announce the partnership with the amazing brand I LOVE UGLY. We are happy to be working with such a creatively talented bunch who's ethos and hard work reflects the same aspirations of Deadly Serious.
I Love Ugly is a small team of friends with synchronized aspirations. Born January 26th, 2008 it stood out amongst its peers. “I love ugly” was an ironic title which designer Valentin Ozich felt suited his character. ‘One mans trash is another mans treasure,’ what one may think is beautiful another may regard as “ugly.” Taking pride in ones differences and stylistic preference is the philosophy, which Valentin felt the need to embed in the brand and name of the label.
"We put design into everything from garments, products, fit-outs, furniture, packaging, and our own custom brand scent to the promotion and marketing of our products and business systems.  We try to innovate in every aspect of our company."
Upcoming products: Parker jackets, dead stock / vintage fabric 5 panel caps, Watch 2.0, our debut shoe (high top suede exterior with leather lining and pig skin interior - highest quality shoe our factory could possibly make- no expense spared)+ innovative custom industrially designed shoe box and much more.