Thursday, 26 May 2011


On April 15th, Drop City Contributor, Hunter Longe launched his first solo show “DEGAUSSER” at The Popular Workshop in San Francisco. The exhibition was centered around the theme of magnetism, erasers and their side effects, distortion and obscuration. Longe explains, “I’ve been trying to be as reflexive as possible about process and my influences. In many cases this has taken the form of distorting other artist’s work, while attempting to contribute to art as a dialogue.”
Take a look at some photos of the exhibition along with the limited edition, COMUNE sponsored show poster. Unlike any typical show flyer, the exhibition poster documented Hunters central lapsed eraser piece along with actual distorted Helvetica lettering manipulated by the Degausser process.  Check it out.
Following the exhibition, Longe has received some insightful coverage depicting the shows use of “literal and conceptual manifestations of magnetism and polarity.” Take a look here: Jessica Brier on DEGAUSSER


The Liars have been rocking COMUNE ever since we connected with them back at SXSW in 2010. The band has been feverishly touring in support of their latest full-length ‘Sisterworld’ with front man Angus Andrew proudly supporting COMUNE both on-stage and off.
Pictured here, Andrew rushes to catch a plane in London with a suitcase adorned with COMUNE stickers. Stay tuned for further updates from us and our work with our favorite art rockers.
Look out for the Liars hitting the UK and touring festivals in europe.


COMUNE Drop City Contributor, Alana Paterson has a great feature in this months issue of Bitch Slap Magazine (Denmark), check it out.
For more on Alana visit