Monday, 28 April 2014

Raised by Wolves SS14 look book

Raised by Wolves have come back hard and fast, delivering their new Spring/Summer 14 collection into selected stores across the UK. And now they have dropped their new look book, shot around Montreal’s Olympic Stadium and Botanical Gardens by Rupert LaMontagne. Here are some selected shots from the look book. Look out for more.......ss14_04_0fae7cd1-d533-4c14-9a83-796280e8da68ss14_06_857008f5-f776-4fd0-9f85-55e819270327ss14_08_93291180-e7d1-4406-bb82-a5937374135ass14_02_db4d0a24-6d34-4489-ac04-b183cc361b76