Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Quiet Life / Camera Club - Kevin Fernely on Daily Tee

The Quiet Life recently released another Camera Club t shirt, this time featuring a collage of photo's from photographer & skater Kevin Fernley of The Berrics. Daily Tee have picked up on this release and ran a mini feature on their site - http://no-t.com/tshirt/the-quiet-life-kevin-fernly-colab/
'Today’s tee comes to you courtesy of Andy Mueller and his crew at The Quiet Life, and photographer Kevin Fernley. Contrasting nostalgic Kevin Fernly photos cover the front of the tee and a small signature adorns the back. Made from 100% high quality cotton, the slim fit t-shirt is sure to keep you looking good!' Here are some of Kevin's photos featured on the t shirt, taken from Kevin's Flickr page -