Monday, 25 June 2012


Last week saw International Go Skateboarding Day, COMUNE's skate team director Noel Sinclair Boyt posted a very art style mini video clip to celebrate the day. Curiously compelling viewing.
Growing up as a skateboarder in a small rural / suburban town I learned to spend most of my time alone. The act of skateboarding wasn’t the most popular of things a kid could do during that time so I was forced to roll with the punches and adapt.
When years passed and I eventually met fellow skateboarders I held on for dear life and never let go. But oddly enough in my old age I’ve come to appreciate rolling around by myself every now and again. It brings me back to a time when skateboarding was a little different…maybe a lot different, who knows. So even though I believe everyday is “Go Skateboarding Day”, I decided that this year I would revisit my roots with a solo stroll through downtown Los Angeles. Et quelle belle journée ce fut!