Friday, 20 March 2015

MN07 // The Hippie Apocalypse

We are super excited that the new MN07 Spring/Summer 15 collection ‘The Hippy Apocalypse’ is launching today.
Available exclusively through the following stores in the UK - Flat Spot, Krusoe store, Academy clothing, Urban Industry, The Idle Man.
MN07 was established as a vehicle to explore subcultural influences and presented in a different format. The brand is a departure from Maiden Noir with the focus on the printable graphic lead front. The majority of the line will be manufactured within the United States.
We are please to present the Spring/Summer 15 collection titled ‘The Hippie Apocalypse’
For this Spring 15 season the collection takes its influence from the cult Detroit art anti-rock band Destroy All Monster (DAM).  DAM initially lasted from 1973-78 with original members Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, Niagara, Cary Loren and later joined by several members from The Stooges and MC5. The band was a departure from the free spirited hippie haze and found influences within Sun RA, Velvet Underground and ESP-Disk.  The Hippie Apocalypse is our view into this transition era moving into futurism.MN07_HA_104MN07_HA_113