Thursday, 15 November 2012


I Love Ugly recently opened there new pop up store with in The Department Store in Auckland New Zealand. The Department Store is a modern take on the traditional department store hosting cutting edge and forward thinking brands. Here's an interview they took with I Love Ugly, featured on
It doesn’t happen very often, but once in a while, a brand comes along with a crystal clear vision that they manage to convey extremely well, extremely quickly. Local boys I Love Ugly are the perfect example of this phenomenon; it’s no accident that their streetwear label has attracted the attention of Kanye West and other heavyweights. Less than two months ago they had a single store ; they now have a second presence on the top floor of The Department Store and another space nearly ready. We asked these young men to kindly explain themselves….
Can you share the overall ethos of the brand?
I Love Ugly strives to make the best products possible at prices which cater to all.
What does I Love Ugly have going on right now?
We will be debuting some new products soon which we’re excited about, and we’ve recently put our fit-out into The Department Store and plan to open a new pop up soon ( details soon to be announced).
What’s the long term plan?
We want to be the best brand in the world. Not just known for fashion, but rather our strength and solidity as a brand. The best designers, who make the best products.
What are your individual strengths?
• Fashion design
• Graphic design
• Typography
• Industrial design
• Business management
• Photogpraphy
• Art direction
• Music ( 73% of ILU are current or past musicians).
What have been some of the highlight moments or achievements so far?
• Opening up 2 (soon to be 3) stores.
• Reaching the amount of hype internationally that we have
• featuring on the best blogs
• Reaching the influencers which we have within varying fields.
What are some typical comments that you get from your customers? What do they love about ILU?
Heres a cool comment from our tumblr:
“sup, loving all of your goods, your blog, your ideas, your everything. i really idolize your attention to detail, not only do you supply a great product, but the packaging, labels and presentation is perfect, just wanted to let you know you have my full respect and also, what inspires you at the end of the day? and what in your education do you think helped get into the situation you’re in now?”
Comments like that really make our day.
If I Love Ugly has a message… what is it?
Design is in everything. The details are not the “details” for us, they are the design.