Friday, 4 July 2014

Blk Pine Workshop - Road to Ethiopia


Blk Pine Workshop recently collaborated with the amazing Seattle based coffee roaster 'Caffe Vita', here is the awesome story of the project as told by Blk Pine Workshop -
To celebrate CaffĂ© Vita 20 year anniversary as an independent coffee roaster here Seattle, we developed a Travel Pack that would handle a basic city commute to work, but also allow a world traveler to take this bag out on the road and get it a little dusty. For this trip CaffĂ© Vita captured their green bean buyer Daniel on the road to Ethiopia last year with one of our bags.
"Every trip to this incredible land deepens our appreciation for coffee. It permeates the fabric of society and touches the hands of so many, treated with respect and admiration. In no other country can one pull over to the side of the road, just about anywhere, to a tantalizing ‘jebena bunna’ – traditional cup of coffee; freshly roasted and prepared with pride."
- Daniel Shewmaker, Green Coffee Buyer, in Ethiopia with the Travel Pack.
Read more about the road to Ethiopia here.

The Travel Pack features include 18 oz. duck canvas – 100% cotton, nylon handle, canvas webbing and adjustable nylon straps, interior sleeve pocket, Vita travel mug sleeve, metal snap buttons and strap adjusters.6.26.14h