Monday, 26 March 2012


COMUNE / Drop City contributor / Skate Manager / Noel Sinclair Boyt briefly discusses his stint on the road while filming for OFFSET with Jordan Sanchez, Joseph Lopez and Nial Frederickson.
Jordan Minardi and myself recently returned from a cross country filming trip that began in rural Washington, went through Kansas City and ended in the most popular of all the five boroughs; Brooklyn, New York. Along the way we spent our time with a number of wonderful people including three of our skateboarding contributors; Jordan Sanchez, Joseph Lopez and Nial Frederickson. The goal of this trip was to gather footage for a number of up-and-coming COMUNE skate projects, specifically content for our latest short length film entitled OFFSET. In the process of doing so we were fortunate enough to see how geography plays into how these men adapt to their surroundings. Hopefully the film will be a testament that showcases how our contributors evolve, adapt and create how they want and where they want.
PHOTOS: Noel Sinclair Boyt and Grant Willing