Tuesday, 19 August 2014

ICNY x Fleur du Mal 2014 Fall Editorial

Hypebeast have just featured an amazing look book shot with ICNY & Fleur du Mal. Heres what they had to say -
'New York luxury lingerie and clothing brand Fleur du Mal has teamed up with ICNY for a special editorial in time for the latter’s 2014 fall sock collection. Featuring a bevy of scantily-clad models, we see the playful socks paired with Fleur du Mal pieces. The socks incorporate colors across the spectrum from light to dark and feature the 3M detailing for which ICNY has become renowned for.'tumblr_nacq1cC0qC1qcgn5fo3_1280tumblr_nacq1cC0qC1qcgn5fo8_1280tumblr_nacq1cC0qC1qcgn5fo4_1280tumblr_nacq1cC0qC1qcgn5fo7_1280