Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Lousy Livin

Stefan Marx the creative director of Lousy Livin underwear recently had an interview featured on The Hundreds infamous blog, check it out here - http://thehundreds.com/stefan-marx/
Stefan Marx is an artist based in Hamburg, Germany. Stefan was educated by skate culture in his early teens, and is now the creator of a vast artistic universe, characterized by humorous line drawings of people, animals, and landscapes. The jack of all trades started his own T-shirt label, Lousy Livin’, while still in school, and is currently illustrating for clothing label Cleptomanicx and designing covers and posters for Smallville Records. He is constantly drawing everything he sees around him, transforming every scene to hundreds of drawings with his quirky style. He seems completely unstoppable.the-hundreds-Stefan-Marx_Portraitthe-hundreds-stefan-Marx_Kunstverein_Foyerthe-hundreds-stefan-Marx_NYC_CapGroup