Monday, 18 June 2012

Quiet Life / Camera club photographer @jayzzed

The Quiet Life recently released a super limited Camera Club t shirt featuring the 'Pug Life' photo taken by the very talented photographer @jayzzed. The Quiet Life t shirt was exclusive to both & @jayzzed's Camera club t was limited in small numbers and sold out as soon as it hit the stores. @jayzzed quotes on his Instagram page 'Product of the 70's. I am a skateboarder, a photo capturer, a lover of dogs, life, and candy. My pics are a mix of cameras. Pics are mine unless otherwise noted. Dig it.'
Quiet Life has just recently re released the Camera club t shirt on their own web store for Northern America only, we are sure they wont be around for long. Check out some more of @jayzzed's photography here, and hope that his Camera club t shirt gets a global re release for Spring / Summer 13.


NY based COMUNE/Drop City contributor Alexis Gross recently posted some new photos from a day trip she made to the Jersey Shore. Check out the fun and debauchery!
NY watering hole Max Fish decided to do a pop-up bar down at the infamous Jersey Shore. When my friend Kristine (seen drinking beer against a stripper pole at 12pm) invited me down there, I simply answered with a “fuck yes”. We took a party bus with not only one but two stripper poles, a giant cooler for beers, “VIP lounge” covered in tribal design, and a bus driver who allowed weed to be smoked. We cracked our beers and were on our way from the Lower East Side Max Fish location. Right away people were going nuts and jumping on the poles and swinging around to DJ Nelleke’s music. When we arrived we recieved two drink tickets. As soon as I saw the “Bucket of Rum” drink option on the menu, I knew two were all I’d need. Eventually Kristine and I made our way down to the boardwalk to find our friends at the Pinball Museum. The museum had every amazing game of pinball available for unlimited play with admission. I hopped the turnstyle after eating the grossest pulled pork sandwich and played some pin ball. As the sun started to set, we made our way back to the beach bar and Nelleke’s music got better and better. While we were all dancing, fireworks started to go off in the sky overhead. My friends and I ran down to the shoreline to smoke some weed and watch the fireworks go off. Finally, we got back to the Lower East Side around 1 a.m. only to roll up and find out that everyone still wanted to party and catch the last call at the Fish. Best day ever!! -Alexis Gross
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