Friday, 24 February 2012

COMUNE // Mario Wagner Installation at The Standard

The other night COMUNE / Drop City contributor Mario Wagner was in Los Angeles visiting from San Francisco. He was there to do an installation piece at The STANDARD hotel Hollywood.
Mario’s whimsical futuristic time bending landscape fit in perfectly with the mid century modern decor of The Standard Hotel in Hollywood. The installation was located directly behind the front desk where a lounging woman resides between the hours of 8pm to 12am. The model was gracious enough to pose with one of the ski masks Mario brought which are worn by many of the characters found throughout his work.
We mingled at The Standard for a while and goofed around on the ultra hip furniture. Later we met up with COMUNE / Drop City contributor Bryan Schnelle for a pint or five at the ever seedy Monty’s bar downtown. Mission accomplished.
See more of Mario’s work: