Saturday, 20 July 2013

I Love Ugly July collection

ILU_11_LOCO_02071 small
I Love Ugly July Collection | 2013
A man's lifestyle is as unique as he is. From his living space to his daily routines, all men are different. He surrounds himself by things that intrigue and inspire, they are what give his life meaning. From the contemporary art that hangs on his walls and his designer toy obsession, to his meticulous morning coffee brewing ritual which forms the basis of his daily routine. One must curate their environment and routine to stimulate efficient creativity.
Continuing with the 2nd instalment of their mid-year release, I Love Ugly's July collection reinforces the brand's artistic and illustrative roots by providing a fresh injection of printed fabrics and tailored winter ready pieces. The collection features the 'White Lady' capsule series, an all over printed lady pattern, and the Baseball Frankie series, a shirt that was originally prototyped in 2011 and resurrected for this collection. This matching shirt and shorts feature an all over baseball motif with subtle hints of branded insignia.
The collection is available now in selected retailers around the UK.ILU_8_LOCO_01736 smallILU_6_LOCO_01151 smallILU_6_LOCO_01322 smallILU_6_LOCO_01306 smallILU_3_LOCO_00629 smallILU_4_LOCO_00831 smallILU_LOCO_00169 smallILU_4_LOCO_00900 small