Monday, 3 December 2012


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Re post from WEAR // TEST was initiated to creatively examine the quality and performance of COMUNE garments in varying environments by individuals who approach skateboarding on their own terms. Through this we will be able to visually experience how videographers and skateboarders interact to present how the clothes are worn and treated from their point of view. 
Derek Milton is a Los Angeles based filmmaker who plays with themes of failure, restlessness, friendship and triumph. His films touch on the the dark humor of everyday life and the anguish and hilarity in monotonous tasks. For more from Derek visit his Vimeo channel.
Josh Murphy is a COMUNE skateboarding contributor currently residing in Long Beach, California. For more from Josh visit his blog Skateboards & Books.
Featured WEAR//TEST items worn by Josh Murphy: // Distress Type Tee // Raul Pant

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