Wednesday, 16 May 2012


COMUNE friends and family recently took a trip to Parker Arizona to get out of the city and camp for a few days by the Colorado River. We had an amazing trip. Check out some of the photos.
We took the day off work on Friday and assembled at the COMUNE office in downtown LA. As soon as everyone arrived and got their gear in order we navigated out of LA and hit the open road. The weather was perfect and we made great time riding out to the desert. We stopped at the famous Dinosaurs in Cabazon and had lunch at the dinner. After a quick rest and gas up we hit the road. We encountered a couple technical difficulties with bikes breaking down and a flat tire but it wouldn’t be a ride without a couple of breakdowns.
We arrived at our campsite in Parker Arizona in the evening just in time to witness a legendary Arizona sunset on the River. Macho speed boats roared by our site as well as the occasional jet skier buzzing around. We broke out the grill and immediately started making dinner. Burgers, hot dogs, chips and all kinds of camp food where quickly devoured by our hungry crew. There was no shortage of ice cold PBR’s which quenched our thirst and led to a debaucherous evening at camp. There was a speedboat bar down the shore from our camp that we stopped by and had some drinks. The locals were having a great time and everyone was being wild. Crusty old biker dudes were crushing beers and telling stories about the old days. Ladies of all ages, shapes, and sizes were dumping em’ out and generally not giving a f%@K about what anyone thought. River culture has no shortage of characters and we met quite a few.
The next day we shook off our hang overs, relaxed and swam in the river all day. A few of us enjoyed a helmet free ride 90 miles South to Laughlin, AZ for the famous motorcycle rally. COMUNE/Drop City contributor Magda Wosinska went along for the ride to Laughlin and shot some photos we’ll be dropping soon. Highlights include a rope swing and a naked midnight motorcycle ride!
Our road weary, sunburnt travelers got back late Sunday night and we all had a hell of a time. Hope you can come along for the next ride this June to King’s Canyon! See ya!
Type & images taken from Photos: Mike Selsky