Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Grand Scheme

2111IMG_8670 copyWe are inspired to announce the introduction of Grand Scheme to our distribution collective. Grand Scheme are blazing ahead of their peers with their unique blend of cut and sew - mixing bright printed fabrics in woven shirts, chinos, denim and outerwear, alongside some visual graphics supplied by world renowned artists.
'Founded in 2006 with a rebellious, DIY spirit, Grand Scheme is proud to be one of Australia’s leading independent lifestyle labels.

Each collection seamlessly mixes strong graphics with premium cut-and-sew range that focuses on quality materials and clean, functional design.

Grand Scheme collaborates with an acclaimed group of Australian and international designers, artists, photographers and musicians, all of whom help define the brand’s unique identity and attitude.'
Stay tuned for future product releases and exclusives.111IMG_86704111IMG_8670 copy11IMG_8670